Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oath for students on the occasion of Ramadan

An oath for students received through mail....
Shows that the troubled people are forced to educate the younger generations.


Fasting is meant to purify the body and soul. During the month of Ramadan, devout adherents are supposed to pray and reflect about the God and the self.  However, praying through the loud speakers defeats the very basic purpose.  Such prayers do not purify the individual but contaminates the environment and the surrounding areas with noise pollution. Use of speakers before 6.00am or after 10.00pm is illegal and the perpetrators are punishable.  Because, the noise pollution increases blood pressure and allied illnesses like heart attacks and strokes. Noise depriving good sleep is a major cause for onset of many diseases. Noise affects the students who are pursuing their studies. Observing fasting during Ramadan requires getting up early in the morning. Free time during mornings and evenings is not meant for playing and disturbing the residents of the area.  The free time is meant for silent prayers. Resentment created in the neighborhood due to the noisy observation of Ramadan affects social harmony.  I personally will not fast during Ramadan in this way. Instead, I pray silently and encourage others to follow the suit and set a model for superior spiritual practice. I will convey this message to my parents and all my friends.

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Coalition against Noise pollution, Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai and Bangalore

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